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    Passion is one of the most important components to maintain in any marriage. This is one of the many ingredients that keeps the flame burning and brings the two people closer together.

    But keeping the passion alive is one of the most common problems that many men have with their ladies. They try to get her into the mood but often get zero response or are ignored.

    If you are one of these guys who feel like their lady is not interested in making love they why not try to get her in the mood. Sometimes, you just have to remind a woman of the passion to oil expeller get her in the mood for love.

    Here are some tips that you could try to get your lady interested and in the mood for love:

    Clear her mind. Women often have so many things running through her mind and it is not easy for them to shut these thoughts out. When they are bothered by so many things, the last thing on their mind would be sex. Help her relax and clear her mind by giving her a soothing massage. A back massage or a foot rub can definitely help in relaxing her but be careful not to make the massage too sensual as this might turn her off. Wait for her to gives signs before you oil extraction machine turn a regular massage into a steamier one.

    Make her feel sexy. As women grow older, some get easily insecure that they shy away from intimacy. Let her know how beautiful and sexy she still is by complimenting her. This will make her feel more confident and more interested in engaging into love. But make sure not to overdo it as it would sound like a fake compliment and your lady would not believe you.

    Stimulate her senses. Stimulating the women’s senses is the key to getting her in the mood. Women are easily seduced when you whisper into their ear or if you feed her the right stuff. A soft and gentle touch could easily push the right buttons. Know which senses to stimulate and find out what things get her in the mood. Stimulating the right sense can help her relax and want passion and intimacy with you.

    Draw a warm bath for her. After a long day of work, nothing can be more relaxing for women than having a good warm bath. Prepare a warm bath for her before she gets home and who knows, she might even invite you in with her.

    Surprise her. Spontaneity is one of the weaknesses of women. Also, this is a great thing to try especially if you want to bring passion back into your lives. Give her small surprises that she’ll appreciate to clear her mind from the whole day stress and she’ll definitely get in the mood for some love.

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