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    Caveda, 30, was arrested in February 2006 for a series of local thefts that included a $10-million Degas painting and $2 million in jewelry, which were recovered.

    He was convicted last year of 16 counts of burglary, receiving stolen property and attempted escape. He was scheduled to be sentenced Thursday and could get eight to 10 years in prison, police said.

    Police suspected he committed at least 28 and possibly as many as 80 burglaries around Los Angeles and in local suburbs over 17 months beginning in late 2004.

    Sometimes, he cleaned up after ransacking rooms so the thefts wouldn’t be detected until later, police said.

    Caveda melted fake omega watches down some precious metals into ingots that he sold to local jewelers, police said.

    But much of the loot was stored.

    “He kept it for up to two years, all of it,” Longacre said. “He replica omega watches didn’t fence it. He didn’t need it for money. He did it for the thrill.”

    Caveda drew the map while being held at the downtown Twin Towers jail pending his sentencing.

    The map included measurements in meters and how far down to dig.

    “I was shocked,” said his attorney, Mark Bledstein, who faxed the map to police. “I mean, to have a map like that and it’s right there where the guy says it is?”

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