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    What do you think “Costa Rica” means in English? Do you get my drift now? The Spanish translation means “rich coast.” If you’re going to be a treasure hunter, you have to pay attention to every clue. After studying the maps and clues in detail, Mike is confident he can walk right up to the “X.” You know, “X marks the spot?”This story is not just a matter of jumping in to your GPS-laden dinghy and paddling to the island. This tale tangles 4 countries up into a knot of historic proportions. Spain, Peru, Britain Costa Rica will each want to claim the movie rights. I can just see Sir Frances Drake and Blackbeard on deck swatting each other with swords. It might be fun to feature a woman pirate in the movie. Being a smart captain, he mapped out the location (was he planning to go back? for retirement? I don’t get this burial thing, but that’s maybe one reason why I’m not a pirate!)Finding buried treasure is still big business and these days you can see hobby treasure hunters scanning the beachs in Virginia Beach Replica Omega with metal detectors at the end of a busy Cheap Omega Watches day, hopefully scooping up fat wedding rings and Rolex watches and not pennies. You can even take a pirate cruise if you’re looking for fun things to do. Offering people the chance to pretend they are a pirate is probably more lucrative than seeking actual chests full of bounty..

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